Frequently Asked Questions
Why wash at Mr. Bubbles?
We are professionals and care for you and your vehicle. Our wash equipment and process is the latest and safest for your vehicle. Remember, we wash what we own!

How often should I wash my car?
You should wash your car when you see signs of road film or other contaminants. In the industry road film is known as something that you acquire from the road even on nice sunny days. Road film is yucky oil, fuel, and other gunk that comes from some cars and large trucks. Road film is stuff that I don't want on my car. Most of our regular customers come in once a week. Remember, you paid good money for your investment, treat is good!

Will the Carwash brushes scratch my car?
No, we are a soft-touch facility that uses only neo-glide and microfiber. In fact, most new car manufacturers use the same wash process that we use. We are gentle and use a great selection of quality soap, conditioners, and polishes that offer lubricity that complement our brushes. This in effect polishes as we wash. Notice the nice squeaky polishing sound if you turn off your radio when you go through our wash.

Do you use recycled water?
No not at all, the entire wash process is 100% fresh. Would you want to bathe in recycled water?? Recycled water can smell, spot, and makes it so much more difficult to get a great wash from.

Can I go through with my windows down?
We don't recommend it, but if you are late to work and haven't showered, well then!

Do you take Credit Cards?
We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover.

If I buy coupons do they expire?
They are good forever and you can use them in Rochester and Portsmouth no matter where you bought them.

It just rained or snowed, so why do I need to wash my car?
This is a critical time to protect your vehicle's finish. Pollutants such as sulfuric and nitric acids from automobile, truck and factory exhaust become trapped in the raindrops or snowflakes that settle on your car. The sun will evaporate the water and leave behind concentrated acid that can damage your car's finish.

When I wash my vehicle at home, why does the finish look dull?
The University of Texas completed a study that shows that a single home wash can leave scratches in your vehicles finish as deep as 1/10th of the paints total thickness. Hand washing and use of many of the chemicals used not specifically designed to wash cars, like dish soap, can damage your finish. Uneven pressure from the hand washing can place up to 100 pounds of pressure on your vehicle damaging your vehicles finish. Using improperly cleaned towels that contain dirt from other parts of your vehicle can scratch your finish. Also, the average garden hose doesn’t supply enough water or pressure with the detergent action to avoid damaging a vehicles finish.

Will the wax from the car wash streak the outside of my windows?
No. Dirty wiper blades streak windshields.