Serving customers at two locations including one in Rochester and one in Portsmouth.

Regarding the safety of our washes...

Mr. Bubbles Carwash uses Sonny's automatic equipment at both tunnel locations, incorporating two unbelievable carwash materials, Neo-Glide® and Microclean. Both materials have revolutionized the "light-touch" wash industry and were developed to provide safe, superior cleaning.

Neo-Glide® inhibits water absorption and feels similar to a divers wet-suit. Neo-Glide® resists becoming imbedded with grit and dirt and retains its light and gentle characteristics throughout the wash cycle, preserving a cars' clearcoat finish.

Microclean is a very soft Micro-Fiber material consisting of fine strands which make it virtually impossible for contaminants to cling. Ladies may know the feel of Microclean as it is similar to material used in popular women's scarves. It's very likely that your car was cleaned as it left the factory with the same technology found at Mr. Bubbles Carwash. Auto manufacturers using the same wash style include Ford, General Motors, and Nissan.

Our chemical selections are also among the finest available. Our foamers, soaps, conditioners and waxes are exclusively Trans-Mate and Simoniz products. Upon choosing one of our four great washes your vehicle will be sprayed with a soapy agent and hand brushed by an employee in key areas. Note that we use genuine hog's hair brushes during the pre-wash process as real hog's hair is exceptionally gentle and has superior cleaning properties.

We invite you to take a look at our precision controller in the pic at the bottom right. This is what we call the "Brain of the Carwash."
  • this measures your vehicles length
  • knows what wash you selected
  • tells the mechanical when to turn on and off
  • tells the chemicals when to turn on and off
  • this is all done to the inch

This ensures the most efficient way to clean your vehicle, and help lessen energy consumption and preserve the environment!