Buy 5 Gold get 1 Free Mr. Bubbles Gold Wash 50.00
Buy 5 Diamond get 1 Free
(Available at Rochester location only) Mr. Bubbles Diamond Wash
Buy 5 Platinum get 1 Free Mr. Bubbles Platinum Wash 70.00
Buy 5 Plus get 1 Free Mr. Bubbles Plus Wash 85.00
Buy 5 Ultra get 1 Free Mr. Bubbles Ultra Wash 95.00
Buy 5 Extreme get 1 Free Mr. Bubbles Extreme Wash 110.00
1 Plus & 1 Gold Mr. Bubbles Summer Promo 25.00
All coupons have been voided for security reasons, however all are available for sale. You may purchase online and we will mail coupons out within 24 hours or you can come into one of our locations for purchase.

Corporate Discounts
We do business with several local companies. In a typical situation the Human Resource department will purchase 50-100 or more carwash coupons for the discounted price. The coupons will then be passed on to employees as gifts or actually use them in appreciation to valued customers. The more coupons purchase the larger the discount. We also enjoy "Trade". Gift Certificates from your business in turn get wash coupons in return for you. Cross-Promotion, whenever possible is mutually beneficial. Give us a shout with requests or ideas.